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Pastor of The Sanctuary McKinney Church

Rev. James D. Haynes, Sr.

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Rev. James D. Haynes proudly serves as Pastor of The Sanctuary church in McKinney, Texas, and has done so for the last 25 years. Pastor Haynes is a man of great faith, distinctive character, prayer and unwavering committment to the Word of God. In this age of indecision, fearfulness, and compromise, the world is looking for decisive leadership.

The Sanctuary is blessed and grateful to have a spiritual shepherd of such caliber!

Associate Pastor, Director of Christian Education

Rev. Will Smith

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Rev. Will Smith is an experienced leader, serving The Sanctuary's church community as it's Assistant Pastor and Director of Christian Education.

Will is licensed with the United Pentecostal Church International and holds a Master of Arts degree in the College of Education. He carries over 15 years of experience in public/private instruction, business administration, and leadership servitude as former Principal of a private, preliminary education institution. 

Will strives to guide our young people toward establishing life-long relationships with God.

Music and Media Ministries

Nicole Smith

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Director of Ushers/Head of Maintenance

Johnny Hale

Director of Ushers/Head of Maintenance

Johnnie Hale is faithfully committed to his family, his church, and to his country. As a United States service member Veteran and long-standing member of The Sanctuary McKinney, his dedications only further support his role as the TSM Director of Ushers and Head of Building Maintenance. He coordinates priorities for every service and helps generate a positive guest and member experience. 

   January 2019   
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